Welcome to V Gymwear

I’m Leah Clyne, and I wanted to share my story with you and the inspiration behind V Gymwear.

It all started, when, after having the last of my three children, I slipped into depression, which included anxiety and trouble sleeping.

Unfortunately, I turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism, but it only ended up making me feel worse – I was in a vicious circle.

Finally, after much soul searching, a visit to the doctors confirmed that I was suffering from clinical depression.  Whilst I was prescribed medication, it only worked for a while and I soon found myself turning to drink again. That together with my demanding job in media sales, was making life unbearable.

Catching sight of myself in the mirror one evening my heart sunk.  I was out of condition, I looked older than my years, was out of shape and very unfit!! I was devastated at what I had become – a very poor example to my young daughter.

That very next morning I forced myself out of the door and to the gym – my first class was an indoor cycling class – as you can imagine it was hell!!

It’s taken me two years, there is no easy fix, but I kept going, gave up the drink and slowly but surely climbed out of my depressed state.  By completing various training courses, I changed my career and qualified as a personal trainer.


My passion is to help other people feel better too.

As you can imagine – I now live my life in gym wear!  It’s my uniform, and I wanted a uniform that was attractive, comfortable to wear, easy to wash and, importantly, didn’t cost a fortune.  I struggled to find kit that met those goals, certainly at an affordable price – and that’s when V Gymwear was born.

I hope you like what you see, this is just the beginning of the journey – further items will be added as time goes on. If you make a purchase – thank you, it means a lot.

Leah x


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"Training gives us an outlet for surpressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit, just as exercise conditions the body."

Arnold Schwarzenegger